New Blog, Who Dis?

I decided to create this blog so I have a place outside of my other blogs to talk about other things like queer issues and money. I really just wanted somewhere to share my story and what’s going on with my life. Maybe someone will be interested, I don’t know.

Maybe not.

Either way it’s nice to have somewhere to write again about things that are personal to me. Hopefully you’ll enjoy following along with my life!

I’m also planning to share some tips on “dealing with” AKA supporting the queer people in your life. Because god knows I’ve had enough experience with this stuff.

So hopefully I can help you learn something. Or you can just follow for the ride. Up to you.

A Little About Me – (Queer Stuff)

Right now I’m 31 – I just had my birthday a little over a week ago. I have 5 kids and have been separated from their dad for over 4 years. Working on that divorce thing ASAP. I’m also with a “new” (it’s been awhile now) guy and we have a house together.

I’ve been queer all my life. In 2014 I came out as non-binary, and then started transition as female to male in 2016. I detransitioned in 2019 thinking that maybe I could be a girl this time. You know, to be normal.

Anyway, I’m back on my bullshit besties and back to being a he/him but also this time adding they/them.

I tried the whole “stealth” thing and it didn’t work so this time I’m going to just be openly trans and queer without worrying about “passing”. And without giving up things I like that are “girly”. Because fuck anyone who doesn’t think I’m valid.

Since y’all always want to know, I’m bi. I’ve done some medical transition. Want to know what’s in my pants? Fuck around and find out.

Work Stuff About Me

I’m a full time digital marketer and writer. Although most of my writing has been for clients (lots of ghost writing), I’m really interested in breaking out into the queer writing space.

My company is co-owner by my life and business partner Josh – so if you ever need a website, marketing services, or copywriting support a queer owned business and hire us!

My Hobbies and Such and Such

When I’m not working or writing things that will never make any money, I’m a huge nerd. (OK fine web design is a pretty nerdy career.)

I play video games, am super obsessed with euro style board games, and watch high quality entertainment like anime. I do like movies too, documentaries, Godzilla, normal stuff.

What’s Going on Right Now

So you’re like cool, cool, look at this queer guy. But what interesting things does he have going on?

Well right now basically the same as you. COVID means doing almost nothing. But it’s sure been a wild year! Hopefully next year we’ll be able to travel again, that will be cool. Until then there’s going to be some serious staycations and (hopefully in the summer) Canada-specific vacations.

Did I mention I’m Canadian? Yep, live in rural Manitoba.


My partner is back in school full time and we’re both self employed, like I said. We’re working on making some smart money decisions, spending more time together, and exploring what life has to offer.

Because life, it turns out, is a lot more fun when I’m feeling “right” gender wise.

Now, there’s going to be some ups and downs as a resume social transition and change my name. I’m sure that I’ll find plenty of things to talk about on the subject of medical transition, too. Anyway…

Want to come along for the ride?


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